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  • CMDR (Coronary Microvascular Disease Registry) IS ACTIVE AND LIVE

    We are thrilled to announce  of the inauguration of the new CMDR (Coronary Microvascular Disease Registry).

    With the growing interest and procedures related to coronary microvascular disease (CMD), it is imperative to collect a large amount of data to better understand the actual disease, diagnosis tools, treatment modalities, and future perspectives.

    The MedStar Cardiovascular Research Network (MCRN) at MedStar Health, supported by the CRT Group, embarked on the first robust prospective registry in the U.S. to collect data on patients with CMD or patients diagnosed to rule in CMD.

    The registry is free to join for sites that are interested in the science of CMD. The registry can be filled out electronically utilizing a friendly eCRF that is designed to collect data on thousands of patients undergoing testing to diagnose CMD.

    The top enrolling sites in the registry will be included in the steering committee, and the top 10 sites will be included in the publication committee.

    If your site is interested in joining the CMDR, please email us at, and we will send you instructions on how to be part of this novel research effort.

    Brian C. Case, MD; Hayder Hashim, MD; Ron Waksman, MD
    MedStar Cardiovascular Research Network
    MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute

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