• Long-term outcomes with Jetstream atherectomy with or without drug coated balloons in treating femoropopliteal arteries: A single center experience (JET-SCE)



    The long-term outcome of Jetstream atherectomy (JA) with or without adjunctive drug coated balloons (DCB) in a real-world setting remains unknown. We report 16-month target lesion revascularization (TLR) rates on patients treated for femoropopliteal (FP) artery disease with JA in a single center by one operator.


    From 1/1/12 to 8/24/16 a total of 311 procedures were performed with atherectomy by a single operator at a single center. Of these procedures, 75 met inclusion and exclusion criteria. This report evaluates the outcomes of these 75 patients treated at index and who were followed up to 16 months. The primary endpoint of the study was clinically driven TLR. Patients were stratified by the use of DCB (vs angioplasty (PTA)) post-JA. TLR was calculated by excluding bailout stenting as TLR. Survival analysis for TLR over time was plotted.


    75 patients (49.3% male, mean age 68.0 years, 54.7% diabetes) with de novo or restenotic FP lesions whose symptoms were classified as Rutherford category I–V were enrolled. Adjunctive PTA was performed on 50 patients (26 de novo, 13 in-stent restenosis, 3 non-stent restenosis, 8 mixed lesions) and adjunctive DCB (LUTONIX® 24, IN.PACT® 1) on 25 patients (21 de novo, 1 in-stent restenosis, 2 non-stent restenosis, 1 mixed lesion) ( = 0.0249). There was no difference in the median treated length between the adjunctive PTA (15 cm) and DCB (10 cm) groups ( = 0.0530). The estimated freedom from TLR (fTLR) was significantly higher with atherectomy and adjunctive DCB compared to atherectomy with adjunctive PTA at 12 months (94.7% vs 68.0%, p= 0.002) and 16 months (94.4% vs 54%; = 0.002).


    In a single center cohort of JA reflecting real-world practice, JA with DCB had a superior TLR rate up to 16-month follow-up when compared to JA with PTA in treating all comers FP arterial disease.



    • The long-term outcome of Jestream atherectomy (JA) with adjunctive drug coated balloon (DCB) remains unknown.
    • TLR is significantly reduced with atherectomy and DCB on long term follow up.
    • Jetstream atherectomy with DCB is superior to Jetstreamatherectomy with PTA in treating femoropopliteal disease.
    • Randomized trials are need to confirm these findings.


    Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine, 2018-10-01, Volume 19, Issue 7, Pages 771-777, Copyright © 2018 Elsevier Inc.


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