• Fluydo™ NC Approval of CE Mark

    Alvimedica announced the CE mark of its new PTCA NON-COMPLIANT Balloon Catheter Fluydo™ NC

    ALVIMEDICA, Istanbul, 29-03-2021 —Alvimedica has announced the CE mark of its new PTCA Non-Compliant Balloon Catheter, Fluydo™ NC.

    Fluydo™ NC is a new Non-Compliant Balloon designed to cross the most difficult coronary lesions and the most challenging anatomies. Alvimedica has developed the Fluydo™ NC Non-Compliant Balloon Catheter to meet physicians’ needs for a coronary high-pressure balloon catheter with a non-compliant dilatation (~3%). Fluydo™ NC combines an excellent Rated Burst Pressure (up to 22 atm) with a very low crossing profile.

    Fluydo™ NC is a real versatile NC balloon catheter due to its crossability and the wide matrix sizes: with diameters from 1.75mm to 5.00mm and lengths from 6 to 30mm, it can be used for pre-dilatations and for post-dilatations of tight and highly calcified lesions like those of diabetic patients.

    Due to the combination of the state-of-the-art technologies in all its components, Fluydo™ NC balloon is six french Guiding Catheter compatible for kissing balloon procedures with the whole range of available sizes (any two Fluydo™ NC with at least one with diameter up to 3.25mm).

    Fluydo™ NC is manufactured by CID S.p.A. member of Alvimedica group and represents one of the most innovative technology in the Non-Compliant Coronary Balloon catheter scenario to date, which ensures the highest efficacy and safety profile for the patients.

    Leyla Alaton, President of Alvimedica, has commented: “We believe that Fluydo™ NC in combination with our Cre8™ EVO DES will help the physicians during their PCI procedures, especially the ones requiring the most advanced tools. Here in Alvimedica we are committed to developing devices that answer the today still-open need in interventional patient care. The Alvimedica never ending effort to offer an updated catalogue of interventional devices is proved also by the recent introduction of the improved version of our work-horse Semi-Compliant PTCA balloon catheter Invader™ PTCA.”

    About Alvimedica

    Alvimedica is a young, innovative company devoted to developing minimally-invasive technologies for medical professionals looking for the next level of innovation in the operating room. We firmly believe that working closely with physicians is the best way to improve our product solutions and services; our ‘co-creation approach’ results in an innovative endovascular product portfolio and in a range of products aimed at meeting needs so far unmet in interventional cardiology.

    Alvimedica invites medical professionals to join its ambitions in creating best medical devices for people around the globe.

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