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  • A Next-Generation Guide Extension System for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention



    Guide catheter extension is an integral part of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). First generation guide catheter extension devices are monorail, blunt ended tubular structures with limitations. The CrossLiner™ is a next generation guide extension “system” intended to allow safe, deep, coronary intubation.


    The CrossLiner was tested in a head-to-head study with the GuideLiner™ and GuideZilla™ in a porcine coronary model, with stenting. Data were collected from 8 coronary vessels from four animals, to evaluate the ability to deeply intubate the vessel with the guide extension.


    The CrossLiner crossed distally and through a distal stented segment in 8/8 vessels, while the first-generation devices were stuck proximal to the stent (n=2/8) or at the stent edge (n=4/8), or passed partially into the deployed stent with difficulty (2/8) vessels (p < 0.0002 for deliverability). The average depth of guide extension delivery/ “intubation” was 12.9±3.6 cm for the CrossLiner and 5.6±1.1 cm for the first-generation guide extension (p < 0.001).


    The CrossLiner is a next generation guide extension system that may offer advantages over first generation devices. Further clinical evaluation will be required to assess the role of this new device in PCI.

    Author bio

    Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine, 2021-11-01, Volume 32, Pages 50-55


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