• Long-Term Outcomes of Left Main Bifurcation Double Stenting in Patients with STEMI and Cardiogenic Shock


    • In cardiogenic shock patients with distal/bifurcation left main disease, double stentings techniques may be preferable
    • Double stenting techniques have an acceptable rate of procedural complications and mortality-rates.
    • Nano-crush showed similar survival of Culotte and a slight better survival compared to T


    The contribution of different left main (LM) bifurcation stenting techniques on long-term CV mortality has been poorly investigated. We evaluated the 3-year outcomes of revascularization of unprotected complex bifurcation LM in patients with cardiogenic shock (CS) with LM bifurcation/distal disease as culprit lesion. We analyzed 752 consecutive patients with STEMI admitted to our centre from 1 January 2014 to 1 March 2018, searching for patients with CS and complex distal/bifurcation LM disease as culprit lesion who received, at operators' discretion, LM double stenting by means of Culotte, T-stenting/TAP or Nano-crush technique. Fifty-seven patients (23 females, mean age 62.3 ± 10.5 years) with CS and STEMI with distal/bifurcation LM as culprit lesion were identified: 20 patients (35.0%) received Culotte, 16 patients (28.0%) received T-stenting/TAP and 20 (35.0%) received Nano-crush technique. At 3-year follow-up, clinical-driven target lesion revascularization, and mortality rate for all-causes were comparable among different stenting techniques. Conversely, considering 3-year CV mortality as outcome, a statistically significant difference was observed favoring Nano-crush when compared to patients treated with T stenting. Nano-crush obtained a larger improvement of ejection fraction on serial echocardiograms. CS with complex distal/bifurcation LM disease can be treated with acceptable rate of complication and short-term mortality using double stenting techniques. Techniques that minimize rewiring and kissing steps and shorten ischemic time should probably be preferred.

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