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  • Editorial: The Polyzene-F Stent Coating Improves Healing and Outcomes Preclinically, but Is It Effective Clinically?

    In the current issue of the journal, Cutlip [  ] and colleagues report 5-year follow-up after implantation of Cobra PzF coated stents in patients in a non-randomized clinical trial. The Polyzene F (PzF) coated non-drug-eluting stent system, with thin (71-micron) cobalt chromium struts, reduces thrombogenicity and improves healing compared with bare-metal and first-generation drug-eluting coronary stents in preclinical studies [  ]. Patients in the clinical trial had stable angina or were >72 h after myocardial infarction (MI). An aim was to assess late outcomes with the PzF coated stent based on the hypothesis that the improved early healing seen preclinically might reduce stent-related clinical events. Of 296 patients enrolled, there was clinical follow-up at 5 years in 98%. All patients were required to receive dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) not later than the day of the stent placement and for 30 days. After this, continued monotherapy with aspirin alone was required, and use of a second antiplatelet drug was discretionary. However, DAPT data were not collected specifically as part of routine annual follow-up.

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