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  • Editorial: Novel DES Aims at Full Thromboresistance: Another Promising Player on the Field?

    Over the years, technical innovations have refined various aspects of coronary drug-eluting stents (DES), which resulted in excellent clinical results after treatment with new-generation DES [  ,  ]. The overall low adverse event rates with several contemporary DES in all-comer patients suggest that there may be little room for further improvement, which could diminish interest in further DES refinement. Yet, we were pleasantly surprised to learn about a novel device that combines several favorable features of previous and current "gold-standard DES." The ithDestiny sirolimus-eluting stent (SES) (Iberohospitex S.A., Lliça de Vall, Spain) utilizes four principal elements of DES innovation: (I) reduction in strut thickness to increasingly thin dimensions; (II) reshaping of struts to more "streamlined" cross-sections; (III) use of polymers renowned for low thrombogenicity; and (IV) delivery of an antithrombotic drug besides the anti-proliferative drug. The PROMETHEUS study, a first-in-man assessment of this new DES, is reported by de la Torre Hernandez et al. in the current issue of the journal [  ].

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