• CRM: The Next Milestone

    When this hard copy of Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine hits your desk, it represents an important milestone for the journal. It has been a long journey since 20 years ago, when the journal had only 4 issues annually with a narrow scope of interest and struggled to attract a sufficient number of high-quality manuscripts.

    With your help and that of our publisher, Elsevier, we are proud to announce that in 2019, you will see 12 printed issues of the journal. Today, when the electronic media are dominating the dissemination of medical content and news utilizing websites, blogs, social media, and electronic journals, you may ask, “What is the role of printed manuscripts in a hard-copy journal?”

    Interestingly, we found that journals that opted to convert completely from print to electronic lost some impact factor, and perhaps some of their readers, because they became less visible, perhaps even less accessible, when compared to print journals. With regard to CRM, we are taking a parallel approach, maintaining the electronic option and developing a presence on Facebook and Twitter while expanding to 12 print issues a year.

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